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BBC picks up Even Stevens from Fireworks

In the UK, the BBC has picked up terrestrial rights to the children's comedy drama Evens Stevens, after a deal with CanWest-owned Fireworks International.

The public broadcaster has acquired 21×30' episodes of the show, destined for the kids' block on BBC1 later this year.

Even Stevens follows the sibling rivalry between a typical 13-year-old schoolkid and his over-achieving big sister.

The show is produced by Brookwell McNamara Entertainment, in association with Disney Channel. It has been airing in the US on Disney since June 2000. Its premiere won it a rating of 2.63 among kids 9-14.

The BBC/Fireworks deal is the first sale by the distributor into the UK children's terrestrial market – one described by Fireworks International's president Greg Phillips as {highly competitive.{

The Evens Stevens sale follows Fireworks' first UK terrestrial sale a fortnight ago: Channel 4 took 22 hours of the Gene Roddenberry sci-fi drama series Andromeda.

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