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BBC Northern Ireland transforms tractors

Tricked Out Tractors will old and new tractors being transformed

BBC Northern Ireland has commissioned local indie Green Inc to make a three-part format in which tractors are given makeovers.

Tricked Out Tractors (3×30′) sees a team of experts specialising in bodywork, electronics, paintwork and restoration working on the agricultural vehicles.

Classic tractors will be restored to former glories, while more modern vehicles will be customised with sound systems and engine rebuilds.

The series producer for Green Inc is Zoe McGivern, with Green MD Stephen Stewart and BBC Northern Ireland’s Karen Kirby exec producing.

Stewart said: “Tractors are hugely popular, as proven by millions and millions of hits for tractor racing, pulling and restoring on YouTube. And interestingly, very few of the tractor owners we have met are farmers. This is simply one of those modern hobbies, for a surprisingly young and large number of very enthusiastic people.”

Kirby added: “The enthusiasm shown by the experts and the tractor owners for this process is infectious, so we are looking forward to seeing this unique passion for restoration and renovation being brought to life for our audiences in this new series.”



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