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Back Roads goes for Busts docuseries

US producer Back Roads Entertainment has partnered with former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf to produce a documentary series exploring some of the sport world’s biggest disappointments.

Colby Gaines

Busts will speak to some of those affected by sporting disappointments and has been created by Leaf, who exec produces with Anna Kleinsorge, Colby Gaines and Jonathan Cane.

Leaf was a quarterback for the San Diego Chargers and the Dallas Cowboys but went on to suffer from severe depression and substance abuse after retiring in 2003 before reforming his life after a stretch in prison.

“The word ‘bust’ has a different effect on different people,” said Leaf, who will host. “Some it consumes and dominates, like it did with me. Others, take the power out of it and move forward in a healthy way. The dichotomy between the two is often overlooked. I hope with Busts we will get the opportunity to know these icons as people and discover from their own accounts what shaped their incredible journeys of how they got to where they are today.”

“A bust is someone entire cities and fandoms put their wildest sports hopes and dreams upon, only to find crushing disappointment,” said Colby Gaines, executive producer and founder of Back Roads Entertainment. “This is bigger than a sports doc series – it’s about the power of expectation, it’s about our collective humanity and it’s about rising from the ashes.”

Back Roads recently premiered 50 Central, hosted by and starring rapper 50 Cent, for BET and also has series such as Joking Off for MTV and Lake Life for DIY.


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