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  • Turning back time (Published in Perspective) 24-05-2018
    US broadcast networks might want to turn back the clock but things will never be the same again, says the founder of consultancy Quinn Media Management.
  • Who’s winning this race? (Published in Perspective) 09-06-2017
    The LA media consultant and international format expert considers how Donald Trump's arrival in the White House has affected the trends in US network television.
  • Out with the new, in with the old (Published in Perspective) 02-04-2016
    The LA-based programming consultant gives her take on new shows being piloted by US broadcast networks this year and concludes that old is the new new.
  • Where’s the ‘real’ in reality? (Published in Perspective) 10-09-2014
    It's been a rough summer for reality TV premieres in the US, and this begs the question: Why isn't anyone watching anymore?

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