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  • Surviving or thriving? Reasons to be cheerful in 2024 (Published in Perspective) 12-02-2024
    Storm clouds have not only gathered over the TV industry, they seem to have parked themselves there indefinitely. Ed Waller looks for any silver linings.
  • TV industry silence abandons Ukraine (Published in Perspective) 25-02-2022
    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this week has brought war back to Europe for the first time in decades. What will it mean for the international TV industry?
  • TV demonstrates a talent for identifying rising costs (Published in Perspective) 01-12-2021
    This week saw the welcome return of Content London, and the main topics of conversation so far have centred on ‘talent inflation’ and the need for more training to stave off the ‘crew crunch,’ writes C21's Ed Waller.
  • 2021: A good year for distribution? (Published in Perspective) 07-01-2021
    Television was one of the great saviours of 2020 and it certainly made lockdown a whole lot easier. Does this mean 2021 will be a good year for TV distribution, asks C21’s editorial director.
  • An unprecedented crisis (Published in Perspective) 18-03-2020
    As the coronavirus pandemic grinds on, C21’s editorial director Ed Waller explores the impact on the industry and looks to an uncertain future.
  • Export strength (Published in Perspective) 11-02-2020
    UK programme exports are booming, having risen 7% last year, but there could be some challenges ahead and issues to address, argues C21 editorial director Ed Waller.
  • Talent competition (Published in Perspective) 05-12-2019
    C21’s Content London has thrown into sharp relief the challenges the entertainment business faces thanks to its changing relationship with talent.
  • New dawn for SVoD (Published in Perspective) 07-11-2019
    C21’s editorial director explores how the new SVoD age might impact the traditional television business in unforeseen and unintended ways.
  • New season, new era (Published in Perspective) 16-09-2019
    The new television season that starts this month will be highly disruptive and perhaps the last one where old business practices remain.
  • Rebirth of reality (Published in Perspective) 06-04-2019
    The rebirth of the unscripted programming business was well underway here in Cannes today, with confidence high and fresh ideas reaching the market.
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