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  • The age of anxiety (Published in Perspective) 29-11-2022
    David Jenkinson, editor-in-chief & managing director of C21, considers the fate of humanity and the role of the content business in finding solutions.
  • Making the most of the new normal at Content London (Published in Perspective) 30-11-2021
    As the content business takes its first faltering steps towards something approaching normality at C21's Content London event this week, David Jenkinson asks what lessons have been learned during the pandemic and how they can be used to build back better.
  • Mipcom consolidates Palais offering (Published in News) 21-07-2021
    Mipcom organiser Reed Midem is making a raft of changes to the event, integrating it with MipJunior and reprofiling the available exhibition space offering, including closing ‘The Bunker’ for 2021.
  • Pause for thought (Published in Thought Leadership) 18-01-2021
    BEYOND 2020: C21 editor-in-chief David Jenkinson kicks off a series of articles highlighting the imperatives for 2021 as the world aims to effect positive change.
  • Time to reset (Published in News) 11-12-2020
    Following an unprecedented year, C21 will be closed for a refit and reset between December 14 and January 4. Editor-in-chief & managing director David Jenkinson reflects on 2020 and looks ahead to 2021.
  • Coming Up Next (Published in Thought Leadership) 28-10-2020
    The pandemic has devastated the content business but has also allowed it to reimagine how to do things differently once we return to a new normal.
  • Remembering Tony Mendes (Published in Features) 18-08-2020
    Tony Mendes was an iconic figure in the global television industry, inspiring many with his ability to balance business and fun while compromising neither.
  • Tony Mendes dies aged 68 (Published in News) 14-08-2020
    Tony Mendes, the iconic TV industry veteran, has died aged 67 following a short battle with cancer.
  • Climate change (Published in Perspective) 18-11-2019
    C21's editor-in-chief and managing director peers through the gloom of TV’s uncertain future and glimpses new opportunities.
  • Drama’s next big challenge (Published in Perspective) 28-11-2018
    As all eyes turn to C21's International Drama Summit in London, what major issues now facing the business are likely to be in the spotlight?
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