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  • Screening out the jerks (Published in Perspective) 29-01-2020
    Empowerment coach and former ITV Studios director of formats Remy Blumenfeld talks about building happy, creative teams – and avoiding bad hires.
  • How to plan for success in 2020 (Published in Perspective) 20-12-2019
    Empowerment coach and former ITV Studios executive Remy Blumenfeld says that if you want 2020 to be a good year, you need to write down your goals now.
  • There’s no Z in ‘team’ (Published in Perspective, Thought Leadership) 08-11-2019
    Including Generation Z in your production team can be a challenge, but understanding this cohort is key to future-proofing your business and programming.
  • The brainstorm delusion (Published in Perspective) 08-10-2019
    Does brainstorming actually achieve anything useful in terms of creativity, and how best can you generate new ideas from your development team?
  • Junior gems (Published in Features) 08-10-2019
    21 new shows for buyers to sink their teeth into at MipJunior in Cannes this weekend, including young vampires, Motown hits and Arnie as a kindergarten teacher.
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