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  • Primetime Strategies 2010 – Seven – Australia (Published in Alerts) 12-05-2010
    Australia's Network Seven took top spot in the ratings for a third consecutive year in 2009, scoring big wins across the board by building on its existing hits and local productions. Martin Buxton reports.
  • Primetime Strategies 2010 – Network 9 – Australia (Published in Alerts) 07-04-2010
    Australia's Nine Network found itself in the number two spot in 2009, behind main rival Seven and its broadening viewer profile. Martin Buxton looks at the channel's plans to regain its ratings crown.
  • Primetime Strategies 2010 – ABC – Australia (Published in Alerts) 05-02-2010
    In a year dominated by fierce competition between networks and the launch of four new free-to-air channels, ABC TV broadened the appeal of ABC1 and ABC2. Martin Buxton reports.
  • Primetime Strategies 2010 – Ten – Australia (Published in Alerts) 28-01-2010
    Ten scored the highest rating non-sport show in Australian television history in 2009, on the back of its growing appeal among older viewers. Martin Buxton reports on how the traditionally younger-skewing network plans to come of age in 2010.
  • Passion’s Autopsy performs overseas (Published in News) 07-01-2010
    UK-based factual distributor Passion has secured a raft of sales for its Atlas Media-produced series Autopsy: Most Shocking Stories, into Belgium, Finland, Australia and France.
  • Healthy options (Published in Features) 18-11-2009
    C21'S FACTUAL SEASON: Broadcasters worldwide are recognising the value of health and environmentally conscious programming. Martin Buxton looks at how they aim to keep the lifestyle genre relevant.
  • Northern star (Published in Features) 10-11-2009
    FUNDING FUTURES: For those who think that life really is grim up North, funding agency Screen Yorkshire begs to differ and is on a mission to inspire, promote and support the development of the region's production industry. Martin Buxton reports.
  • Meet the buyers: Al Jazeera (Published in Features) 03-11-2009
    Operating two Arabic children's networks, Qatar-based Al Jazeera faces the challenge of producing and acquiring content that is not only entertaining and educational but also culturally relevant. Martin Buxton reports.
  • Survival course (Published in Features) 23-10-2009
    As broadcasters tighten their purse strings in the face of tough financial conditions, distributors are turning to coproduction and new business models in order to survive. Martin Buxton reports.
  • The kids are alright (Published in Features) 22-10-2009
    FUNDING FUTURES: With Aussie public broadcaster the ABC set to launch a children's digital channel in December, the Australian Children's Television Fund is keen to ensure the schedule contains plenty of local content. Martin Buxton reports.
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