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  • Facing the facts (pt 2) (Published in Features) 22-05-2008
    Scottish indie Tern TV is entering virtual worlds while Canada's HGagnon goes green, the UK's ITN Factual courts international partners and Russia's Studio U7 targets niches in CIS and Eastern Europe. Antony Reeve-Crook reports on some innovative factual projects.
  • Facing up to the facts (Published in Features) 15-05-2008
    Antony Reeve-Crook checks in with three prominent factual TV players, Zodiak/Bullseye, Outline Productions and Michael Hoff Productions, revealing new content trends and uncovering what it takes to meet the ever-changing needs of international broadcasters.
  • Voom to manoeuvre (Published in News) 08-05-2008
    Voom HD Networks is going after both armchair warriors and extreme sport enthusiasts with its latest factual commissions. General manager Greg Moyer talks to Antony Reeve-Crook.
  • Venturing into new waters (Published in Features) 02-05-2008
    Coproductions have been key to Tandem Communication since its launch in 1999. MD Rola Bauer talks to Antony Reeve-Crook about the German outfit's move into different genres.
  • View to a thrill (Published in Features) 25-04-2008
    For independent producers, getting content online and out there via mobile could mean new revenue streams. Vode, MPS Broadband, OUAT Entertainment, and explain to Antony Reeve-Crook how they aim to help content owners to create consumer-facing businesses.
  • Animal Planet examines conservation in the Raw (Published in News) 11-04-2008
    Animal Planet is turning its cameras on itself for a new series on human intervention in animal conservation, called Raw Nature.
  • Virgin reveals crime in paradise (Published in News) 10-04-2008
    Virgin Media Television has commissioned UK producer October Films to make a new factual crime series on location in the Caribbean.
  • Disco, Beeb warm to each other for polar series (Published in News) 10-04-2008
    MIP NEWS: Discovery Channel has once again teamed up with the BBC for a new eight-part natural history series on Earth's icy wilderness.
  • BBC director quits after 39 years (Published in News) 10-04-2008
    The BBC's director of audio and music has stepped down after almost 40 years to run the UK's Heritage Lottery Fund.
  • History Channel moves into Central Europe (Published in News) 09-04-2008
    MIP NEWS: The History Channel is making its Central European debut with a roll-out in Poland and Hungary.
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