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Aussies stick with the box

Despite all the hype about catch-up TV and multi-screen viewing, Australians continue to watch TV in traditional ways, new research shows.

A whopping 93% of all TV viewing is live and a similar percentage watches all content – broadcast and non-linear – on conventional TV sets.

That’s according to the latest Australian Multi-Screen Report from OzTAM, Regional TAM and Nielsen for the third quarter of 2013.

The study shows catch-up viewing within seven days of first broadcast accounts for only 7% of viewing. Playback between eight and 28 days of original broadcast represented less than 1% of all TV viewing.

Internet-capable TVs are now in 22% of homes, up from 18% a year earlier, while 37% of homes have tablets and 53% PVRs.

Total use of TV sets is steady. Australians spend an average of 95 hours and 51 minutes per month watching broadcast TV on conventional sets.

Some 12.3 million Australians watch broadcast and or non-broadcast video online each month but spend, on average, just five hours 18 minutes doing so.

Of Australians aged over 16, 67% s own smartphones and spend on average of one hour 20 minutes per month viewing on those devices.



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