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Asia gets Divided by Talpa

MIPCOM: Talpa has licensed general knowledge gameshow format Divided to broadcasters in three Asian countries.

The format has been picked up in Thailand, India and Vietnam, taking the total number of international versions to 21.

In Thailand, Divided will be produced by Memiti ahead of premiering on Channel 3 in January next year.

Talpa’s Indian deal covers two versions in different languages that will air simultaneously on Star-owned Vijay, one in Kannada and one in Tamil. The 40-episode Indian versions will be produced by Banijay Asia.

In Vietnam, media buyer TN&K has licensed two seasons of the gameshow.

Divided is a fast-paced gameshow involving three strangers who are made to work as a team to build a pot of cash. The proceeds are then divided unequally, requiring the contenstants to agree on who gets what share.


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