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All-Round Champion wins S2 order

All-Round Champion sees young athletes compete in each other’s sports

Canada’s TVOKids and BYUtv in the US have greenlit a second season of MarbleMedia’s unscripted kids’ series All-Round Champion, ahead of its season one premiere.

Hosted by Canadian Olympian and World Champion hurdler Perdita Felicien, the challenge series features 10 of North America’s most celebrated young athletes as they compete in each other’s sports.

In S1 (11×60′), rising stars aged 12 to 15 from sports including swimming, golf and gymnastics test their abilities in a new discipline each episode and score points based on skill, sportsmanship and general improvement over the series. All contestants remain until the final episode when the scores are added up and one athlete is crowned All-Round Champion.

S1 premieres on BYUtv on March 19, followed by TVO on March 25. It will also air on Canada’s Knowledge Network this summer.

In S2 (11×60′), the focus shifts to winter sports including snowboarding, speed skating and ski jumping.

MarbleMedia acquired the format rights for a North American version of All-Round Champion from Germany’s Beta Film. It was originally created by NRK in Norway under the title Best I Mest.

Producers for the North American version are Matt Hornburg, Mark Bishop and Steve Sloan from MarbleMedia; Michael Dunn, Andra Johnson Duke and Jim Bell from BYUtv; and Marney Malabar from TVO.


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