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C21ScreeningsIf you are marketing content to the world, C21Screenings is the most powerful tool you can use, with 24/7 access to the most dynamic community in the entertainment business.
C21Screenings is the world’s only online screenings environment linked to a rich community of more than 150,000 international entertainment executives worldwide, courtesy of’s 20-year heritage.

If you are looking to market content to the world, C21Screenings is the most powerful tool you can use. More than 500 rights owners use C21Screenings to promote new shows and reach all corners of the world, including smaller territories they may not have the resource to target.

Thousands of international buyers use the site to contact suppliers directly once they have seen a trailer online. Rights owners can take a suite within C21Screenings to invite buyers to view their shows, create playlists, or just take advantage of a platform that reaches more than 150,000 users from the international entertainment community every month.

As a suite holder, you have the opportunity to add shows to Featured Playlists and market your own Supplier Playlists to create extra buzz around markets.

All of this is supported by the established website which hotlinks news articles directly to your C21Screenings shows and suites, driving buyers’ eyes directly to your content.
The C21Screenings app – C21SCREEN – is available for Apple and Android devices, allowing you to create playlists, share and screen shows offline.

Download the iPad app by CLICKING HERE

Download the Android app by CLICKING HERE
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