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41E examines Roswell Conspiracies

Young adult sci-fi show Roswell Conspiracies

US animation firm 41 Entertainment (41E) announced a second project in the young adult science fiction space with Roswell Conspiracies.

41E has developed the 8×44’ series in house and is targeting a male 12-24 demographic with the project which is due to launch at the end of 2021.

The plot focuses on extra terrestrials who live among people on Earth. Mostly peaceful, a violent minority are hunted by a cohort of humans and aliens working for a top-secret multinational organisation known as The Alliance.

Two decades after the last enemy alien was locked up, The Alliance has been reduced to a skeleton staff guarding the prisoners at Area 51, but they’re unprepared when the public storms the base and unleashes the dangers within.

Kiersten Halstead, VP of acquisitions, development and production at 41E, said: “Science fiction is always interesting – especially to older kids and young adults. This project speaks to a current, and consistently, trending topic of UFOs, aliens and, the world’s desire to know what’s really hidden behind the locked gates of Area 51.”

The project will be showrun by Kaaren Lee Brown, who created the original idea in 1999.


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