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Yellow Bird to unlock Seven Keys

Banijay Group-owned production company Yellow Bird is developing a series based on a recently published novel from Swedish author Åsa Schwarz.

Stockholm-based Yellow Bird, which was behind dramas adapted from books by authors such as Jo Nesbø and Stieg Larsson, has picked up rights to The Seven Keys.

The book follows one of seven IT professionals in the world who holds a key to the internet after she wakes up with a gun held to her head. It was published in Sweden and Denmark in August by House of Independents.

The series is planned to be between eight and 10 episodes long and producer Marianne Gray is currently searching for a script writer for the project.

“This series absolutely has international potential, and is not entirely in Swedish. Today we find that content must not necessarily be in English to be of interest to international buyers,” said Emelie Franc, associate producer.









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