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Wood walks Americas for C4

Levison Wood

Levison Wood is known for epic journeys covering great distances

Channel 4 in the UK has ordered its third series with Levison Wood, following on from the explorer’s treks along the entirety of the Nile and the length of the Himalayas.

Walking the Americas will see Wood traversing the entire length of Central America through eight countries before attempting to cross the Darien Gap into Colombia and South America.

The show will be coproduced by October Films with GroupM Entertainment and, like Wood’s two previous docuseries, Walking the Nile and Walking the Himalayas, will be filmed by the explorer himself. The show is being planned to air on C4 in early 2017.

John Hay, commissioning editor for C4, said: “Lev and October have found a way to make adventure programming that feels more raw, real and exciting than anything I’ve seen before, and I’m delighted that he’s going to be opening up another part of the world for us this year.”

The series producer is Jamie Berry and exec producers are Jos Cushing for October Films and Melanie Darlaston for GroupM Entertainment.








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