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Temple Street opens digital studio

Canada’s Temple Street Productions has launched an original digital content studio in Toronto that will work with YouTube to develop a campus-like environment for online creators.

Boat Rocker Studios comes out recently-created division Temple Street Media Ventures and will be housed in a newly-acquired 1950’s era, 20,000 sqft Sackville Street building in the city’s downtown King Street East area.

“Temple Street was built on fostering strong relationships with writers and showrunners and providing them with the best creative and business environment possible,” said co-presidents David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg, copresidents.

Boat Rockers is open for business immediately, offering to collaborate with online creators, help them gain business support and production expertise. However, the facility will undergo renovations throughout fall, opening its doors in the first quarter of 2014.

The news comes after the company last week set up digitally-focused Temple Street Media Ventures, promoting Michel Pratte to run it.

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