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Spain’s TVE orders Don’t Ask Me

Don’t Ask Me has already been adapted for Italy

MIPCOM: Spanish public broadcaster TVE has become the latest channel to commission a local version of Don’t Ask Me, the live interactive entertainment format from the UK’s Chalkboard TV.

The 13×120’ series will be produced by Zebra Producciones as Como Lo Ves? (How Do You See It?) and will air in a primetime slot later this year following the deal with the show’s distributor, Sky Vision.

The format challenges studio contestants to second-guess the likes, dislikes, passions and opinions of viewers voting at home via a purpose-built app.

The Spanish version of the format will be hosted by radio host Carlos Herrera and will see six celebrities join the studio line-up to face families watching at home.

TVE’s commission follows orders from Rai (Italy), MBC (Middle East) and ITV (UK).

Chalkboard and Zebra are both part of the iZen Group, which includes Imagic in the Middle East, Zebra in Spain and Elephant Group in France and Italy.

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