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Sky Vision adds content to RightsXchange

MIPCOM: Sky Vision, the production and distribution arm of UK pay TV operator Sky, is adding its entire content catalogue to online rights portal The RightsXchange (TRX).

David Frank launched TRX with his brother Matthew

Sky Vision and TRX are collaborating to embed technology that will show buyers the availability of rights to thousands of hours of Sky Vision programming in real time.

TRX enables programme buyers to search for content, get instant rights information and make offers for rights online. Its aim is to make deals easier, quicker and more efficient for both sales teams and buyers.

Sky Vision will roll out TRX to its buyers over the course of the coming year. Buyers will be able to negotiate and agree all key deal terms with Sky Vision sales executives online.

TRX won’t replace Sky Vision’s current trade practices but instead work alongside them, offering buyers easy access to programme information and trading opportunities.

The transition is expected to be completed by the end of November, enabling Sky Vision to go live by the end of the year.

TRX, which opened for business last week after a testing period, was set up by RDF Media founders Matthew and David Frank, who also previously worked at Zodiak Media.

BBC Worldwide announced it was adding its catalogue to the TRX library earlier this week.









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