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Director: Sébastien Gagné

Producer: PIXCOM

Writer: Julie Hivon

Cast: France Castel, Ron Lea, Rose-Marie Perreault, Antoine Pilon, Marilyse Bourke, Jean-Philippe Perras, Valérie Blais

Genres: Drama

12 x 60’

In 1970, a pivotal encounter with her mentor, Aidrian Flanagan, allows Louise “Loulou” Hébert to become a supermodel and to finally launch her first perfume, White Night. Its huge success sparks the creation of her empire Nocturne. Over the years Louise has given up certain political ideals to become a formidable businesswoman.

Everything changes when after a reception honoring her great accomplishments, Loulou is found dead, alone in her garden. Accident, murder or worst, suicide? Her heirs – and the audience – will wrestle with that question as her children fight to maintain the family company.

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