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Director: Alain Tasma

Producer: Siècle Productions, France Télévisions

Executive Producer: Georges-Marc Benamou

Writer: Alain Tasma, Georges-Marc Benamou, Henri Helman

Cast: Thomas Soliveres, Christa Theret, Eric Caravaca, Hippolyte Girardot

Genres: Drama

4 x 52’

From the versatile young man, his love stories, his father’s issues to the discovery of his vocation, his commitments against religious fanaticism and the arbitrary misuse of justice and politics, this series redraws the turbulent life of one of the biggest enlightenment philosophers.

During these 4 episodes, we will explore a life of pain, passion, and the growth of an epic and talentuous hero. Thus, the episodes will relate numerous events of his biography like the origins of the young François Arouet, his childhood suffering, his entourage, his talent, his years of imprisonment in the Bastille, his ambiguous relations with the French court or his return in France after his exile.

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