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Tom and Keri

26 x 7 mins

Tom and Keri have a magic playhouse in their garden. Every time Tom and Keri go inside, they discover a different adventure.

Episode 1 Tom’s Birthday: It is Tom’s Birthday. Keri has prepared a special surprise for Tom inside the playhouse. What will it be?

Episode 2 Tom’s Ball: When Tom plays ball with his dog (called Dog), the ball bounces into the playhouse. Will Tom get his new red ball back? Keri, Dog and Cat help him look.

Episode 3 Dog and the Frog: Tom and Dog are great playmates, so when a magpie steals Tom’s coin and flies into the playhouse, Dog gives chase.

Episode 4 The train: Tom, Keri, Dog and Cat are playing when they hear the ‘Toot toot’ of a train from inside the playhouse. Where will the special train take them?

Episode 5 The sunhat: It is a hot and sunny day. Keri has a new sunhat, but Tom is sad because he hasn’t got a hat. Can the magic playhouse help?

Episode 6 Apples: Dog chases a playful squirrel into the playhouse and Tom and Keri run after him to call him back. They find themselves in an apple orchard, but picking the apples is harder than it looks!

Episode 7 Five cakes: Keri has a cake for her friend, Dolly, but Tom likes cakes too, so they all go into the playhouse to find cakes for everyone.

Episode 8 In the rain: Keri and Tom see some unusual footprints on the path leading to the playhouse. They all go inside to investigate. What will they find?

Episode 9 Tom’s Kite: Tom has a new kite, but there is no wind in the garden. Just then, the playhouse door rattles. It is windy inside! What will happen next?

Episode 10 The toy box: When Tom and Keri hear banging and crashing inside the playhouse, they can’t resist going inside to look. Inside, they find a toy box. What happens when they open the lid?

Episode 11 Keri’s seashell: Keri brings a seashell to show Tom. They listen to the sound inside the shell. Then they hear the same sound coming from the playhouse. What is it?

Episode 12 Keri’s picture book: Keri is looking at her picture book with Cat. Tom tries to look too but knocks the book out of Keri’s hands. It flies into the playhouse so they all run inside to get it back – but what has happened to the book?

Episode 13 Pirate Tom: Tom wants to play being a pirate and is wearing his pirate’s hat. Keri puts on some pirate clothes too and they go into the playhouse to look for treasure!

Episode 14 Farmyard fun: A noisy duck flaps out of the playhouse to complain to Dog and Cat, so all the friends go inside to find out what’s wrong.

Episode 15 Funny teddy: Keri has a puppet, but Tom wants to play with it too. Keri takes her puppet into the magic playhouse and a special surprise is waiting inside.

Episode 16 Stop the bus!: Tom and Keri go on a bus ride in their magic playhouse - but who and what have they left on the pavement as the bus drives away?

Episode 17 Who’s that?: When Keri sees two eyes staring at them through the playhouse window, she and Tom decide to find out who is inside. Who will it be?

Episode 18 Panda’s family photo: Tom and Keri find ways to help Little Panda take a photo of her family.

Episode 19 Our little house: Tom and Keri are invited to visit the homes of animal friends – which house will they like best?

Episode 20 Goodnight!: A night time adventure for Cat and Tom’s hat!

Episode 21 The purple flower: When Tom finds a purple flower on the path to the playhouse the friends decide to find out where it came from.

Episode 22 Hide and Seek: Dog and Tom are playing hide and seek in the garden when Dog runs into the playhouse to hide. But inside, it is not a playhouse any more…

Episode 23 The funny bird: The story of what happens when Cat decides to chase one bird too many.

Episode 24 Dog’s bath:Dog is very dirty. He runs into the playhouse when Tom says he needs a bath. Tom, Keri and Cat follow him, but what do they find inside?

Episode 25 Tom’s aeroplane: Tom wants to fly a plane, but Dog is really not sure that this is a good idea…

Episode 26 Christmas: When it starts to snow in the garden, Tom and Keri run inside the playhouse. But whose house is it now?

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