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10 x 30

Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, this is not.

BUNK is a comedy game show where a panel of comedians compete in inane challenges to win surreal prizes. Contestants are armed with nothing but their wits as they make up songs on the spot, complete drawing and sculpture challenges and interact with modern dancers, puppies, babies, gospel singers and more, all under the watchful eye of handsome host Kurt Braunohler.

Featuring a rotating gaggle of guests, like Alex Borstein (Family Guy), each episode of BUNK pits three comedians against each other in ridiculous challenges from the random to the absurd, such as: shaming puppies, making gravestones more impressive, lying to children, singing songs about grandmothers, reinventing Michaelangelo's 'David' and building the world's worst mousetraps.

The only thing more surreal than the competition is the prizes. The biggest laughs win the strangest prizes; the smallest laughs get even more outlandish winnings.

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