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Producer: Carmen Armendáriz
Executive Producer: Larissa Andrade, Fernanda Eguiarte, Alejandra Olvera, Tania Tinajero, Julio César Marmol
Cast: Iván Sánchez – YAGO, Gabriela de la Garza – Sara, Flavio Medina – Lucio, Pablo Valentin – Abel, Psttricio Castillo – Fidel, Manuel Ojeda – Damián, Rosa María Bianchi – Melina
People: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

65 x 60’

Omar, Abel, and Lucio have been friends since childhood, but everything changes when Sara appears and Omar falls for her, ignoring she is a hustler manipulated by her father to fool Omar and rob a casino. Lucio learns this and decides to help, dragging Abel with them. Omar is condemned to spend the rest of his life in jail. There he meets Fidel, who becomes his mentor and helps him change his identity, his face and become Yago, the man who will avenge the treachery they did to Omar.

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