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Little Giants

120 minutes

Pequeños Gigantes is Televisa¹s reality show which will gather families all
over the world in front of the TV, in an incredible show that will make the
most of the best thing there is: children¹s magic.

The kids aged between 4 and 12 will astonish us on stage with their talent in
singing, dancing, acting and doing comedy. This is the new launch pad for the
future stars.

Pequeños Gigantes was designed to enhance and show teamwork, sports culture
and honesty.

Grouped in teams, week after week the kids will compete to show off their
charm and gifts throughout different tests, making of the show an endless
range of surprises and emotional moments.

Pequeños GigantesŠ ¡the show that will prove to us that everything is better
when seen through the eyes of the kids!


This highly successful program pushed UNIVISION¹s rating ahead of FOX and ABC
after garnering more than 3 million viewers.

The most widely watched talent show in Spanish.

U.S.A, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Paraguay have been
witnesses to the incredible success of this format, achieving a total
leadership in its emission from beginning to end.

And now, it makes its way to Europe. Spain is the first country that puts its

A truly ambitious combination that gathers the best of all talent show formats
starring kids.

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