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Precious Rose

130 x 1 Hr

Rosa Puentes and Eva Sotomayor grew up together, willing to give everything for their friendship. The two young women, abandoned at a young age, consider themselves each other’s only family.

When Eva falls in love with a handsome man who seduces her only to leave her heartbroken and pregnant with his child, Rosa and Eva’s friendship grows even stronger, as Rosa promises to raise the child with her and never to forget the deception of the man who inflicted such pain.

Eva is destined to return home as the sole heir of her grandfather’s fortune, but an accident will bring an end to these plans, leaving Rosa to take on her identity in order to seek revenge against the family. There she will confront the ambition, hatred and avaricious intentions of those seeking to become heirs of the Sotomayor empire.

But when Rosa confronts the man she considers her worst enemy, she will become the victim of her own destiny, falling in love with him. She will consequently have to face the most grueling of conflicts, forced to decide between her loyalty to a promise and surrendering to true love.

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