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Behind Closed Doors

130 Eps x 1 Hr.

In the house next door, nothing is what it seems. In it live people who hide many secrets. This is the Conde family, a traditional family comprised of Renato Conde, Eva Spencer, and their children Ignacia, Carola and Emilio.

Renato is the owner of a powerful business which he has spent his life building. His children have enjoyed a top-notch education in the best schools and his wife is well known as one of the most respected socialites. But this apparent perfection, a symbol of the ideal life, hides a very different reality.

Like any other family, the Conde’s also have problems, just that in this case the scope is very different. The strict and commanding education imposed by Eva on her children has created strong rivalries among them. Renato, the head of the household, created his empire in an unlawful way by conducting illegal operations to get rid of business partners and possible competitors. In the house, strange deaths have occurred under mysterious circumstances, but the police investigation reports have concluded that these deaths have been due to natural causes.

Gonzalo Ibañez, Ignacia’s second husband, will be the newcomer who will try to find out what this family hides when he learns the reason why his wife’s ex-husband really died. This lawyer will use all of his power to expose this family, who for years has been a symbol of respect and integrity.

Cornered to demonstrate their innocence, each member of this family will end up bringing his or her own demons out into the public after hiding them for so many years - making the victims of this story the culprits and the apparently innocent, the murderers.

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