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Director: Mauricio Cruz, Agustin Restrepo
Producer: Andres Santamaria
Executive Producer: Hugo Leon Ferrer
Writer: Julio Jimenez, Ivan Martinez Lozano
Cast: Danna Garcia, Segundo Cernadas
Demographics: , , ,
People: , , , , , , ,
Beautiful but Unlucky

130 Eps x 1 Hr.

The beautiful Lola was born marked by misfortune and bad luck. She became an orphan when she was only a child and had to live under the tyranny of her aunt. Years later she ends up living in the town’s cemetery, where she hides during the day and wanders around night. In spite of her savage appearance, Marcelo Machado, the most desired bachelor in town, will discover her true beauty and an unexpected love will be born between them, but it won’t be long before it’s destroyed by the greed and envy of those who surround them. Lola’s destiny will take a surprising turn, and she returns to her town transformed into a beautiful millionaire who is willing to fight for the love of her life.

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