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World’s Richest Dogs


These rich heirs are not your average millionaires... They only travel by limo, sleep on gold-thread mattresses and wouldn’t dare drink anything unless it was served in crystal glass. They indulge in diamonds and holiday in style. Their wardrobes consist of couture pieces that cost a small fortune, with matching jewellery of course. A quick jaunt to Mexico in a private jet is nothing out of the ordinary. You’d think this kind of life was reserved only for millionaire celebrities... But for the world’s luckiest pooches, life is literally served on a silver platter.

Their owners spare no expense on treating these canines to a life of opulence. Some like Rose
Ann Bolasny spend an average of $100,000 a year on her beloved maltese Bella Mia. Canadian entrepreneur Janet Folk flies her labradoodle RJ in a private jet with his own air hostess. Then there are owners like celebrity agent Vanzil Burke whose black standard poodle has his own full time nanny, a limo to go shopping and real diamond jewellery.

The life they treat their furry companions to will astound and shock. From dog high tea parties,
barkmitzvahs, shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive and dog vacations in a five-star pet hotel and spa replete with story time and massages, these pooches live a life where money is no object.

In this jaw-dropping, entertaining one-hour special we take you on a barking mad journey across the globe to meet the WORLD’S RICHEST DOGS. We also countdown the globe’s top 10 richest dog heirs.

And with a combined wealth of $660 million, this special will make you wish you were reincarnated as one of these pampered pooches.

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