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Flood insurance doesn’t come cheap when your home has just been ravaged by a hurricane and a ten foot dal surge. For most people, the only op on is giving up and leaving their beloved house to the bulldozers. For some lucky ones, jacking it up above the flood line is the way to go. But raising a 200-ton home 10 or 12 feet into the air - concrete foundation included -- with hydraulic jacks isn’t a job for the faint of heart. Especially in New Orleans, where the ground is more like swamp and the houses are rong from water damage.

As veteran house jacker Jeremy Paterson puts it, ”You gotta have balls the size of Texas to jack homes in Louisiana.”

The new documentary series JACKED! follows Jeremy and his rag-tag team of ex-cons and family members as they travel America raising people’s houses - and their spirits - restoring the confidence and faith in of homeowners trauma zed by hurricanes Katrina, Isaac and, most recently, Sandy.

JACKED! transports viewers under foundations and into tunnels beneath the houses as they creak upward, inch by precarious inch. The series reveals a high-risk world of extreme personalites, and claustrophobic action.

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