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Within the French secret service, known as the DGSE, a clandestine branch of undercover agents are dispatched to key locations all around the world, living under false identities for years at a time. Their mission is to seek out and identify potential sources.

In order to fulfill their mission, their false identities must be totally undetectable and highly elaborate. These fabricated identities are called legends, creating them takes months of work, maintaining them, takes discipline.
All this and more lies deep in the heart of the most confidential branch of the secret service: The Office of Legends a.k.a The Bureau.

The series kicks off with the return to the DGSE headquarters in Paris of GUILLAUME DEBAILLY, after a six-year mission in Syria. All too soon, the department gets hit with a major crisis: CYCLONE, a secret agent operating in Algeria has completely vanished off the grid.

DUFLOT, head of the BUREAU, needs to quickly track and lock down Cyclone’s whereabouts., all resources are dedicated to this case. Questions start to clutter and pile up: was an error made during the making of Cyclone’s legend? Did he turn on the DGSE and become a double agent? Is he still alive?

Duflot decides to call on Dr. BALMES, a recently enrolled psychiatrist whose task is to observe and draw up surveillance reports on each member of the force.

In the midst of locating Cyclone, The Bureau must also maintain a close eye on a promising new recruit: MARINA. Once her training completed, she will be sent on a difficult mission: infiltrate Iranian nuclear activity. But before being sent off, she has to complete a full test of her abilities: eluding pursuers, resisting violent interrogation tactics, staying undercover at all time and of course manipulating people.
Guillaume manages to make progress on the Cyclone case, but his personal and “normal” life in Paris is proving difficult especially when he is informed that Nadia, a woman he was madly in love with during his last mission in Syria is actually in Paris. For love, he is willing to take risks…for him and the Bureau.

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