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Director: Jiska Rickels
Producer: Cerutti Film
Executive Producer: KRO-NCRV
People: , ,
In Procedure


Director Jiska Rickels: “I was touched by the powerlessness. I wanted to show what happens when you end up in a situation where nothing is in your control.”

This documentary is about Syrian father Hassan, who fled to the Netherlands, to save his family. Through audio messages he keeps in touch with his wife Fadia and his children, who are still in Syria. Among them is his daughter Yomna (15) who is seriously ill. While Hassan is waiting for the outcome of his asylum procedure, Yomna desperately asks him when they can be reunited. Meanwhile, the situation in Syria keeps getting worse.
In Procedure starts, where numerous news articles about refugees end. How do the men cope after their arrival in the Netherlands? How do they manage to reunite with their families?
The screening of this documentary in theaters is usually combined with a matching event. Later on, we expect the film to be broadcast on television. The events enable the audience to meet refugees and sign up as a language buddy or as a mentor at the Refugee Talent Hub. This initiative brings together large Dutch corporations, government, the educational system and NGOs and opens up possibilities for refugees in the Dutch job market.

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