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Director: Lea Pool
Cast: Mhel Kavanaugh-Lynch, Janet Collins, Susan Love, James Brophy, Carol Cone, Debbie Logan, Ellen Leopold, Mary Sue Rimel, Kim McInerney, Barbara Brenner, Maricela Ochoa, Dao Tran, Janet McKenzie, Sandra Kugelman, Jane Houlihan, Jeanne S. Collins, Charlotte Haley, Samantha King, Barbara Ehrenreich, Rosemary Parker, Charlene Elliott, Debra Fields, Sandy Knight, Gina De Santis, Judy Brady, Nancy Brinker, Olufunmilayo Olopade, Ilene King, Marc Hurlbert, Margaret Keith, Sari Sairanen
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Pink Ribbons, Inc

97 minutes

Breast cancer has become the poster child of cause-related marketing. We’re reminded of this every October as pink products flood the marketplace for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everything from toilet paper to bridal gowns: a veritable deluge of merchandise reminding us to “think pink” or rather “buy pink.”

Based on Samantha King’s book Pink Ribbons Inc.: Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy, celebrated director Léa Pool’s feature documentary traces the evolution of the breast cancer movement from something that encouraged meaningful civic participation to something that drives people to purchase products. Who really benefits, the cause or the company?

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