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Producer: Giochi Preziosi, Mondo TV
Genres: ,
People: ,

I Season 26 eps x 26’ + II Season 26 eps x 26’ (total: 52 eps x 26’)

In the first part of the story four friends - Tom, John, Eric and Bob, discover a strange playset which allows them to enter into a prehistoric world and transform themselves into the powerful DINOFROZ to save the past world from the threat of the evil DRAGONS! Today the Dragons begin invading the Modern World and our heroes must go back into the Prehistoric Land to find out what’s happening. Travelling through the Prehistoric Land aboard of the Jurassic Truck our heroes must save their world from the clutches of the Evil Dragons. However everything is different now: Tom is the only human able to morph into the new and powerful Dinofroz with the help of a new mysterious device: the Dinowatch.

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