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Director: André Kadi
Producer: Frima Studios / TFO Media
Executive Producer: Marie-Hélène Dutil Valérie Hénaire, Christine Côté
Writer: Louis Patalano, Érik Asselin
Genres: , ,
People: , , , , ,

11 minutes

The wild universe of MaXi propels us into the incredible adventures of Mara and Xilo, part-time conjoined twins living in a remarkable world where music, the environment, and playing intertwine. In this fantastic place, nature explodes in a world of lush greenery and develops into giant instrument-cities where the inhabitants, despite being a dizzying variety of mismatched beings, all follow the everpresent rhythm of planet Babelia. The twins’ family is exceedingly normal. There’s Pierre, their dad, a blind journalist; Petunia, their mom, a conformist puppet; and Oliver, their little brother, who has an uncanny perception of the world. Mara and Xilo also have animal totems: the octopus of eclectic music and the elephant of rock. Not to mention Jack, a second-hand, talking, male unicorn that doubles up as means of conveyance and professional Dreamworld guide!

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