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Producer: Lion Television
Let Me Entertain You

On the surface it couldn’t be more straightforward: one by one members of the public step into the studio arena to perform in front of a studio audience. But this is no bog standard talent show - there’s a big incentive: the longer they last, the more money they win. The studio audience passes summary judgement on everyone and everything that appears before them, pressing their electronic keypads as soon as they’ve seen enough. At all times a percentage graphic on screen shows how many of them have voted. As soon the graphic reaches 50%, the performer’s brush with fame is over. If the performer lasts for one minute, they win £100. If they survive two minutes, they win £200. And if they reach the magical three minute mark, they walk off, honour and self-esteem intact, with a tidy £1000, plus the chance to return later in the series and possibly become series champion. We cast the broadcast possible range of performers; viewers never quite know what’s coming next. Sometimes they talk to the host in a chat area, other times they perform on stage - their one and only goal is to keep the studio audience interested for up to 3 minutes.

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