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Season 1- 6X25'; Season 2- 5 x 25'

An inspirational culinary guidebook driven by social media, this deliciously colorful series sets out on a global adventure to discover the internet’s most talked about dishes.

Today, so many people take pictures of what they are about to eat, posting them online, garnering lots of “likes” and influencing culinary decisions worldwide, all before they’ve even taken a bite. Now, the best way to choose your next meal (or destination) is to browse social media. But how do you know that just because something looks fabulous in a photograph, it actually is the most delicious? You need to know how to search… and where.

Following photos of the gastronomic delights that have taken the internet by storm, our host introduces viewers to hot tourist destinations through a colorful feed of the world’s most tagged dishes. Over the course of the show, he’ll meet bloggers, restaurant critics and journalists, leading chefs and food lovers from all over the globe, providing a unique insight into a variety of cities as he searches for the mouthwatering masterpieces that “broke the internet”.

Discovering the beautiful locations, great stories and fascinating characters behind the internet’s most popular dishes, this is the ultimate foodie’s perspective on the world’s most delicious destinations.

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