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Director: Lloyd Thompson
Producer: Jenni Day, Jinal Patel, Woodcut Media Ltd.
Executive Producer: Kate Beal Blyth
People: , , , ,
Murdered in the Line of Duty

3 x 46'

The mesmerizing, emotional and shocking stories of police officers murdered in the line of duty.

Murdered in the Line of Duty tells the harrowing stories of when the unthinkable happens and police officers are killed whilst simply doing their job. Each episode focuses on one high-profile police officer murder case and examines the events leading up to the killing, the murder itself and the aftermath. What happened to the perpetrator? Did the police investigation differ from the norm? Did the approach to policing in the UK change as a result of the case?

The series is a trio of stand-alone episodes but each has an overarching theme which ties them together. The first re-tells the Shepherd’s Bush Murders from 50 years ago, the second investigates the sadistic killer, Dale Cregan, who murdered two police officers in 2012 and the third examines the murder of PC Ian Broadhurst in 2003 by the ex-US marine David Bieber.
Each episode combines first-hand accounts and expert analysis. The series is fronted by former policeman Rav Wilding, who helps guide viewers through the stories. We hear from family members, criminologists, journalists and policing experts to find out the real background and provide insights into the role of the police officer and how the thin blue line they walk often leads them into danger. Archive footage and stylised recreations give more depth to the storytelling and offer the viewer a real sense of what took place.

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