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8 x 30'

Nordic Noir meets British murder mystery. A new dramedy from award-winning producer FLX.

Thrilling and funny in equal measure, this original crime dramedy breaks new ground in the continuing success story of Nordic Noir as two unlikely detectives, Sophie Borg (Lisa Henni, Easy Money), a Swedish police officer with misplaced high self-esteem, and cowardly British colleague Tom Brown (Adam Godley, Breaking Bad, Suits), team up to solve a gruesome murder.

While visiting the small Swedish town of Norrbacka, a British man becomes the victim of a beastly killer. The local chief of police, Klas Wall (Tomas von Bromssen, All Things Fair), is close to retirement, but has a hard time hiding the fact that he is really excited to finally, for the first time, be in charge of a high-profile murder investigation. Sophie Borg from Stockholm homicide, a loner who has a habit of ignoring direct orders and serious problems cooperating with others, is sent to Norrbacka to assist the local police.

Meanwhile, in St. Ives, the victim’s quiet seaside hometown in Britain, Tom Brown is informed of the murder. Tom is an experienced gentlemanly police officer, who could perhaps have been one of the best – if it wasn’t for his jumpy demeanour, great fear of conflict and aversion to violence.

Tom has, like Sophie, exhausted the patience of his superiors and is also sent to Norrbacka to take part in the investigation – for both of them it’s their last chance to prove themselves. Sophie and Tom now have to cooperate to solve the case, not only to bring the killer to justice, but also to save their careers…

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