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Producer: Music 24


It’s not what you know – it’s who you know…

10Welcome to the only quiz show where contestants can win the jackpot without knowing any of the answers, or lose everything even when they know them all! In this fast-paced studio-based game show it’s all about who you know, as players must rely solely on the knowledge possessed by the contacts in their mobile phone.

Contestants have just four minutes to accumulate as much money as possible by correctly answering diverse general knowledge questions. However, they won’t be answering the questions themselves, they must call upon the friends, family, colleagues or even mere acquaintances in their phone contacts that they think will be able to deliver the right answers – quickly. And, what’s more, contestants must accept their contact’s final answer – even if they know it’s not correct…

Each question is worth an increasing amount of money, but each telephone call reduces the time left in the game, so they must choose wisely. The moment the call is answered, the countdown clock is activated. Only when the contact has given their final answer is the countdown deactivated. If it’s the correct answer, players move on to the next question, if it’s incorrect, they must select another contact. Two life savers are also available, but can each be used only once: ten seconds bonus time or an alternate question.
As the clock ticks away, questions become increasingly difficult and the list of contacts available to the contestant is redefined and narrowed down to a specific group, such as ‘the family WhatsApp group’.. After each correct answer, the contestant may quit the game with the money accumulated or carry on and try to win more. But they must end the game on a correct answer or risk losing all the money accumulated.

Blending a rapid-fire quiz with hilarious in-studio action and jeopardy, Contacts presents each player with the chance to win big – but who will have the correct answer, who will fail them, and who won’t even pick up…?

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