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Inspired by the real-life young adults who choose to defy the strict conventions of their closed orthodox societies and join the army, this powerful character-driven drama delivers a compelling story focusing on the dilemmas of personal and religious identity, and the desire to belong alongside the need to express oneself and one’s values.

In Israel, 18 year olds must join the army by law - but 9% of Israelis are Orthodox Jews, and they are exempt from service due to their religious beliefs. Some choose to disobey, and for these orthodox teens on the brink of manhood, their decision will leave them torn between an aggressive military system, an equally strict religious world and the forbidden temptations of secular life.

Four months of tough basic training in the Orthodox Brigade will force these young recruits and the secular military to discover one another. These teens may all look the same to their army commanders – but the platoon is actually made up of a multitude of nationalities and beliefs. For the soldiers, the challenge is twofold: they must face the secular world and they must face each other. As they confront the grueling demands of military training, they quickly discover that their commanders think very little of them. And back home, amid their deeply religious families and neighborhoods, they are met with hatred and are forced to conceal their identities.

As their relentless training continues, soon enough, these young recruits will realize they are on their own. But it will be these same strict systems that afford the orthodox soldiers the chance to turn over a new leaf in life and their shared hardships will force them to bond with one another. But, just as this collection of loners finally starts to form into a tightknit group, it looks like it could all come crashing down…

As this disparate group of teens swap their strictly closed society for the realities and temptations of the army and secular life, we soon find that, underneath the skullcaps and the green uniforms, there will always be the inevitable clash of passions, faith, friendship and love.

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