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10 X 22’ / Web 10 X 8’

All bets are off- Five best friends leave it all on the table

When the guys of Aces get together for their Friday night poker game, there’s no telling what topic might up the ante next in this hilarious fly-on-the-wall peek at what male friends really talk about when they let loose.

Israel’s number one digital series, now available in new long-form episodes for commercial TV, follows five very different friends, all navigating their 30s and unsure whether their best years are in front of them, behind them, or – God forbid – happening right now. Poker night is the one time they get to be themselves. Away from undermining bosses and spouses, their table is a sanctuary from life’s obligations and their own unmet expectations. With razor-sharp wit and rapid-fire banter their lives are polarised through the lenses of love, friendship, relationships, career, sports and sex.

Examining what it means to be “masculine” in modern society, Aces tracks their misguided attempts at reclaiming their own fading machismo. These men come to the poker table to unload their anger, share their feelings and, above all, to win – not at the game, but at life itself.

Filmed in full long takes at a single location– the poker table and bar – Aces brings the authenticity of everyday male conversation to screen. Expect fast-paced dialogue and high quality acting as these five friends challenge and deconstruct every male stereotype.

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