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Director: Shin Chang-seok

Producer: KBS

Writer: Lee Jeong-dae

Cast: Kang Eun-tak, Eom Hyun-kyung, Lee Chae-young, Lee Si-kang

Genres: Drama, Format

Demographics: 15+

40’ x 100eps

Tae-pung was the only son of a rich family. Even his father past away when he was young, he grew up as a righteous, smart and polite man. One day, when he was 16, he saved the Yura from an accident and his head was damaged seriously during it. After the accident, his intelligence became that of 7 years old. Actually, the one who Tae-pung tried to save was Yu-jeong; Yura’s sister who was Tae-pung’s first love. But Tae-pung was the righteous person who would have done the same if he knew.

12 years later, Yura became the victim of fraudulent marriage and even worse, she got pregnant. As greedy and cunning Yura was, she plans a plot and stays a night together with innocent Tae-pung. However, Tae-pung who obviously doesn’t understand the meaning of staying a night together due to his intelligence admits that he has stayed a night together with Yura. At the end, Tae-pung marries Yura who claims that she has Tae-pung’s child. And Tae-pung thinks that he shall take care of the child and Yura as they are his family now. And Yu-jeong who always had Tae-pung in her heart, celebrates them even she is feeling miserable.

However, the truth has revealed soon. Tae-pung’s mother Kyung-hye found out that the child was not Tae-pung’s. When Yura’s secret is about to be revealed, Gyung-hye was falsely accused of hit and run accident and arrested. Yura, to completely keep her secret, keeps on evil doings. She takes all the money of Tae-pung’s family and runs away. Tae-pung, left alnoe with baby, didn’t understand what is going on. Moreover, due to Yura’s mother and he starts to being chased as he gets the perfect evidence for the truth behind the Gyung-hye’s hit and run accident.

When he was at the verge of death by those who cover the truth, he throws himself into the sea. He was lucky enough to save his life with the help of Su-hee but his head got damaged and he is put in coma. A month later, he wakes up with acquired servant syndrome which makes him super intelligent. 5 years later, Tae-pung returns in the name of Min-hyuk Yoo. To clear his mother, who died in jail of a false charge and to have revenge on Yura…

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