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Director: Mustafa Şevki Doğan
Producer: TMC
Executive Producer: Cengiz Keten
Writer: Meryem Gültabak, İlke Gürsoy
Cast: Furkan Andıç, Ayça Ayşin Turan, Cemal Toktaş
People: , , , , , , ,
Tales of Innocence

A women who commits a crime for the man she loves, Meryem, a prosecutor who will do anything for his career and power, Oktay, Ahmet whose eye darkened with revenge after he lost his lover...

An accident on a rainy night changes these three of people’s lives. The man of justice Oktay needs power, the man of power Savaşneeds justice. She carries the burden of the two men’s sins until love comes in to the equation.

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