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Babies born this way, Al-Amluks (mixed), serve as portals between this world and the other world. Evil demons can get into their bodies. Al-Amluks don't realize this. There are a lot of "people" living like this and this doesn't pose a big problem. But Büşra and Selim's real curse is that two evil demons named Teykel and Lietli have taken over their bodies and wish to do evil deeds. Teykel and Lietli have been banished from their own worlds. They wish to commit a great sin in order to prove themselves to those who banished them and continue their bloodline.

Two demons named Teykel and Lietli get into the bodies of two kids born in İncirli Çeşme, the portal to where they were banished from. Büşra is 3, and Selim is 5 then. They never clearly remember what happened there because they were under influence and they were too young.
Time works differently in the other world, so it's not a problem for demons to wait for Büşra and Selim to come of age.

Demons go in and out of Büşra and Selim's bodies as they wish throughout their lives, and they interfere with their lives. These demons are responsible for their relationship problems and their nightmares. When everyone in the other world finds out about the intent of demons, Selim and Büşra's "real" fathers Şemharir and Ebyad are tasked to stop the demons. So they start shadowing Büşra and Selim in order to prevent the demons.

Şemharir appears as Burhan and acts as a mentor to Selim. Ebyad appears as Büşra's grandfather Vahid who died when she was 15.
No one else can see them!..

Şemharir and Ebyad need to tell Büşra and Selim the truth and prevent the disaster before Teykel and Lietli get what they want. But it's not easy to make Selim and Büşra believe. Plus, in order to end this curse, Büşra and Selim need to end their lives. It's hard for human beings to accept something like this.

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