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Kanal D

Besides being the biggest national TV channel in Turkey owning the best rated series, Kanal D sells series all over the world. Until today many series to many different countries has been sold.

Being the largest national TV channel in Turkey for the past 10 years, Kanal D has also earned a great success as a content provider to different areas. After the success of the Turkish series, first in the Middle Asia, and later on in the Middle East, Kanal D has expanded to new territories such as the Balkans and the Far East and has played an important role in the popularity of the Turkish Serials in the world.

Kanal D series have been broadcasted in many different territories, and achieved lots of success stories. Such as in Middle East, the final episode of Gümüş was seen by 85 millions of viewers, hit a record and ever since it has been a fhenoman.

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