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Director: Tom Currie
Producer: Kari Lia
Executive Producer: Stuart Cabb, Will Daws
Genres: ,
People: , , ,
Rookie Cops

3 x 1 hr

24 ordinary people, from lorry drivers to travel agents, are about to change their lives forever.

With unprecedented access to the Lincolnshire Police, Rookies uncovers what it’s like being thrown into the front line of law enforcement. This series focuses on the first three months after training when new officers are blooded on the beat, working on crime scenes, dealing with dead bodies, coping with drunk and disorderly conduct and responding to domestic violence. This is the toughest and most emotional part of the training process for a police officer.

These are human stories that allow us to see the police through the eyes of ordinary men and women plunged into the deep end of an entirely new world. Just how will they feel when faced with their community’s criminal underbelly, from thugs and rapists to violent offenders?

Lincolnshire is the largest county in England with the fewest police officers. This year is the first time the force has been able to recruit since the start of the recession in 2008. With only 1,100 officers they’re so overstretched our rookies will be thrown into the action straight away.

Last year there were nearly 7,000 violent crimes in Lincolnshire - six for every police officer. The county is also in the throes of a huge surge in immigration for the first time in its recent history. The police are scrambling to deal with issues like slave labour, forced marriages and extreme domestic violence that are almost entirely new to the region.

Rookies takes an intimate look at the personal stories of the men and women about to start policing our streets.

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