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Director: Théo Jourdain, Mohamed Chabane

Producer: Lizland Films

Executive Producer: Elizabeth Arnac

Writer: Jérôme Larcher, Salif Cissé, Thomas Ducastel, Myriam Chetouane, Paps Fortes, Estelle Koenig, Fairouz M'Silti, Leo Silva Pinto, Iris Ducorps, Joel Nsita, Mohamed Benyekhlef, Nadja Anane, Philippe Bernard

Cast: Inès Ouchaaou, Charlie Loiselier, Assa Sylla

Genres: Comedy, Drama


The graduation results have been published, kicking off the vacation for Hanane, Maïssa and Ambre – three besties who grew up in the same projects. This summer is all about first loves, plans for the future and breaking into adulthood. But when Hanane’s brother Djamel is attacked and found unconscious, the three girlfriends have no choice but to investigate.

Grappling with flaky boyfriends, overwhelmed parents and ticked off dealers, Hanane, Maïssa and Ambre will have to rely on their friendship more than ever.