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Director: Alexandre Charlot, Franck Magnier, Myriam Vinocour

Producer: Chabraque Productions, Ryoan

Executive Producer: Thomas Viguier, Clémentine Dabadie

Writer: Laurent Mondy, Alexandre Charlot, Franck Magnier, Laure Bourdon Zarader, Marine Maugrain-Legagneur

Cast: Marilou Berry, Alexandre Steiger, Stéphane Pezerat, Denis Mpunga, Laurent Olmedo, Alka Balbir, Drimi Gouttebel

Genres: Comedy, Drama


Investigating Judge Marianne Vauban is well-known for being deliciously outspoken and prone to unorthodox methods. Working alongside Captain Pastor and her loyal court clerk Yves, Marianne must put her experience, wisdom and empathy to good use as she investigates complex cases in some pretty outlandish contexts.

But one specific case is particularly close to her heart: the murder of a prostitute, ten years prior, which has since been closed. She promised the victim’s son Zacharie to crack this murder case, and she’s determined to re-open the investigation and reveal the killer’s identity.