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Producer: Dragonfly
Executive Producer: Emma Loach
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Ambulance is an observational documentary series that brings an unprecedented insight into Britain’s largest ambulance service, the London Ambulance Service, as it responds to over 5000 calls a day, and must be ever-ready to reach each of London’s 8 million people within just 8 minutes.
Filmed with the crews out on the streets, and in the highly-pressured control room, each episode provides an honest 360 degree snapshot of the service, which was last year put into special measures. Moving beyond where the familiar “flashing blue lights” stories normally focus, the series will reveal for the first time the dilemmas faced by the ambulance allocators with a finite supply of ambulances as they have to bump patients down the queue in order to prioritise the sickest; the very real impact of time wasters and frequent callers; and the ever-present threat that a major incident with multiple casualties is just a phone call away.

As one of the most diverse and economically polarised cities in the world, London poses many logistical challenges for the service. With out-of-hours mental health services, elderly care and GP surgeries increasingly stretched, it’s the paramedics, call handlers and ambulance allocators at the coalface of emergency care in the capital.

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